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A Custom Coffee Mug for Your Business

Design a custom coffee mug for your business as effective advertising. It can be difficult to decide how you want to advertise. Advertising is an expensive investment and effectiveness is never a guarantee. There is even more of a gamble when you use print advertising that is a one shot deal. Commercials, while you can air them more than once, are expensive considering the short duration of a spot. A coffee mug is a fairly inexpensive advertising method that continues to advertise.

Conventional print methods of advertising utilize paper, which is not a very durable item. Paper mailers and flyers are typically looked at once and then tossed in a disposal bin. While initially print advertising might seem cost effective, you only get one shot for a customer to actually pay attention. Most print advertising goes unnoticed, making it a useless waste of your money. When you advertise on a reusable item you are increasing the chances that the message will be noticed. If you select a promotional item that can be reused numerous times, you ensure that the message is received and retained.

A coffee cup is a very durable item that can be used for years. Mugs are made from extremely durable and long lasting materials. The nature of a coffee mugs means that it will be used daily and even several times within a day. It is an item that is used by anyone, not just a coffee drinker. Mugs are utilized on the desk of an executive to the workstation of a blue collar worker. It is something that is used by virtually every demographic you can imagine. This is crucial if you want to get the most exposure possible from your advertising.

It is easy to customize the mug enough to make it stand out in any cabinet. Coffee cups come in many different styles and colors. Feature a unique color or design to make your advertising more visible. The size of a mug will allow you to feature your logo and slogan. You do not have to eliminate pertinent information because of size, or visibility, limitations. There are printing techniques that permit you to design a mug with a full color photo and not just a line drawing.

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Your distribution channel for a coffee cup is free. Many business owners only consider the expense to create advertising. It is easy to forget the majority of the cost comes in distributing the advertising you create. Mailers cost money to mail and commercials cost money to air. Without these distribution methods this type of advertising is completely worthless. A custom coffee mug for your business can be given away for free. It costs no money to hand a mug to a customer, client, or employee. It is free distribution that can be as targeted, or wide reaching, as you desire.

Use it as a gift of appreciation that advertises your business while promoting good will. Good will is quite valuable to a business. You can promote good will, with both your customers and your workers, with a coffee mug. Give them as a gift to clients and allow employees to use them at the work place. Both, will appreciate the gesture and the passive advertising becomes an added bonus.

A lot of forms of advertising are a gamble. Often, you only get one shot to target your audience, deliver the message, and make it memorable. That is a tall order for a piece of paper advertising. Maximize the number of opportunities for visibility by selecting advertising that can be used time and again. A coffee cup is a durable, and highly customizable, promotional item that will last for years.