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Personalized Mugs for Marketing

A personalized coffee mug is an effective marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. Good marketing does more than just gets your name out into the public. Good marketing also reminds your customers that you are there and provide a product or service they liked. There are several ways to market your business, however, marketing on tangible items is a method under utilized by several businesses.

Once you have gained a customer the true work begins. Customer retention is challenging, yet often a more lucrative endeavor than gaining new customers. Returning customers typically spend more in the repeat transaction versus the first transaction. They have gained knowledge and confidence in your product and will have less hesitation to spend. While it is important to introduce your business to as many people as possible, it is essential to retain the customers you have worked so hard to gain. The best way to accomplish this task is to stay in the minds and thoughts of your clients. Nothing reminds a person of a business like a tangible item that bears your company name.

The best tangible items to use for marketing are items that are used on a daily basis. A coffee mug is an item that is used on a daily basis. Virtually every business establishment in the world utilizes coffee cups for both team members and clients. Blue collar businesses, white collar businesses, service industries, and retail establishments all use coffee cups on a daily basis. It is one of the few tangible items you can be sure is used in every type of business and industry.

Unlike pens, that are often taken or lost, coffee mugs stay put and are used throughout the day. The size of a coffee mug allows for highly visible and clear marketing that can contain a lot of information while still being effective. Font sizes are small on pens. It can be difficult to read more than just a business name. Any contact information, or description, is often ignored by the user simply because it is too small to see. A mug can utilize several sizes of font, from very large to very small. It is possible to list a name, contact information, and even a slogan, while maintaining clear visibility. This is really important for a business that has a name that does not describe the nature of the business. Like pens, businesses will often share the use of your mug with their clients, essentially marketing your business to their clientele.

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There are endless customizations available in for coffee mugs. You can get a specific style of cup or mug, from reusable to go cups to ceramic mugs suitable for an executive office. The items also come in a wide variety of colors, especially ceramic mugs. A mug in a color will help your product standout amongst other cups in the cupboard or on a desk.

Any type of font can be reproduced. Several businesses utilize a specific font in the trademark. Any trademark or logo can duplicated in the printing process. Modern printing also permits the sublimation of full color photos on a mug and not just a line drawing. This is perfect for a business that wants to feature an image of a product or person as a marketing technique. You can even have some fun with your marketing by utilizing ink that appears or disappears when heat is applied. Your logo can magically appear when the cup is full of a hot beverage.

Business is competitive. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box to find the best marketing and advertising for your business. Use an everyday item, like a personalized coffee mug, to maximize daily exposure.